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Palma Real

Pico Duarte, Dominican Republic
3087 m. above the sea level

Location: Dominican Republic

The highest mountain in the Caribbean
Climb it in just 3 days

Adventure traveller?

Try Pico Duarte, the highest mountain in the Caribbean (3087 meters above sea level). Caribation shows you the way, the pictures from our February 2010 trip, an shares some first-hand experience with you.

For reservations call Francisco Canela, an experienced guide, at 829 - 910 4943 (Spanish only). The closest town to the starting point is Jarabacoa. Spend a night in Hotel California there and take the last warm shower in three days to come.

Click on the photo with yellow map to view your route

duarte pico to route climbing
The climbing route to Pico Duarte
top duarte pico
The peak of Pico Duarte

FIRST DAY: from Ciénaga to La Compartición. Going up.

Day one: you rent guides and mules. Guide: 800 RD$, mule 350 RD$ per day. Stay overnight in the La Compartición. It will be cold, but probably above freezing.

cienaga point starting
Starting point in Ciénaga
route part lower path green
The path is green in the lower part of the route
mules with guide dominican rafa
Rafa - dominican guide, with the mules
march before bags packing
Packing the bags before the march
stop during mules
Mules during the rest stop
you and baggage your carry will mules
Mules will carry your baggage and you
way on canyon picturesque
A picturesque canyon on the way
parts lower grows brava cana
caña brava grows in the lower parts of the way
creek from safely water drink
Drinking water from the creeks is safe
cross to bridge a
A bridge to cross
day first end meters 2450 hut comparticion la
La Compartición hut, 2450 meters, at the end of the first day
place fire up warming
Warming up at the fire place

SECOND DAY: from La Compartición to the peak and back. Going up and then down.

Am zweiten Tag zum Gipfel wandern und zurück. Insgesamt 4 Stunden. Der einfachste Tag. Lagerfeuer machen, entspannen, die Natur geniessen. Wieder in das La Compartición schlafen

dawn before day second starting
Starting the second day before dawn (4:30 am)
sun rays first
First rays of sun on the second day
top before meters last
Last meters before the top
flag dominican and duarte statue
Bust of Duarte and the dominican flag
duarte pico mountaineer
Mountaineer at Pico Duarte
place fire up warming happy tourist
Mountaineer happy warming up at the fire place

THIRD DAY: La Compartición to Ciénaga. Going down.

On day three you descend. The same route as day one. The hardest day, 6 - 8 hours, stony way. Use the mules in the upper part.

mule on happy tourist
Happy tourist on the mule
route part upper path stony more
Quite stony paths expect you in the upper part of the route
supply water drinking with creeks one
One of the creeks with drinking water supply
bath hot a not are rivers mountain
Jump in - but mountain rivers are not a hot bath
route part middle view typical
Typical view in the middle part of the route
hiking route middle way
Hiking way in the middle of the route
mule on tourist
Tourist on the mule
tree under stop rest
Rest stop under the tree
way on farmer local meeting
Meeting the local peasant on the way
too canyons these walk will you
The canyons too be walked on the way to the peak

Current prices (2015):

Guide: 600 RD$ per day
Mule to carry equipment: 400 RD$ per day
Mule to carry persons: 450 RD$ per day
Entry to the park: 100 RD$ per person

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