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Palma Real

Before you rent or buy...
let us check it for you!

Location: Dominican Republic

Do you trust all web offers?
We might save you a disappointment.

Do you consider buying real estate in the Dominican Republic?


We'll have a discreet look at the place for you

Are you renting an apartment for vacation in the Dom Rep?


Let us check it for you long before you board the flight

Great ocean view in front...
ocean view villa as real estate investment
... but whats on the other side?
Great place to rent, it seems...
beach apartment rental, watch if the beach is clean
... but how is the beach?

Be prudent, make informed decisions

Thousands of web pages are offering vacation rentals and real estate deals in the Dominican Republic. Most are serious and honest, but some are not. Like everywhere else on this planet. But how can you know?

Travel Trust Services by Caribation will do on-site check for you. Yes, on-site (and off-line) means that we grab the camera and drive down to the place you might want to rent or buy. We are your messengers, your photographers, your personal inspectors and "spies".

Let us check your pick early

Tell us what is important to you.

Some people hate motorcycles passing all day long in front of their doors, others want to avoid Night Club next door, nobody likes mosquitos, some people are sensitive to cats or want to know if the beach is clean and the surroundings have acceptable standards. Is the neighborhood good and safe? We'll check it on your behalf.

phone service

We make control phone calls for you

Check on the seller or real estate agent. We will call him not mentioning you name. Does he tell you the same price he quotes to other clients? What if he keeps offering the property after having accepted the payment from you?

Caribation agents speak English, Spanish, German, French and Russian.

Service Fees
(anywhere in the Dominican Republic)
  • One check US$ 220.00
  • Each additional check in the same location US$ 80.00
  • If a personal interview is required please add US$ 80.00 extra
  • Telephone call only US$ 50.00

Pricing example:
Two checks in the same location, no interview: 220 + 80 = US$ 300.00

Your next steps to do

  • Find an offer on the web. Examples: Google search for vacation rentals or Yahoo search for real estate in the Dom. Rep.
  • Tell us your concerns by filling the form below
  • (we'll ask for a payment, of course)
  • Our representative will look at the place you have chosen, taking photo, making observations and interviewing people if necessary.
  • You will get the report per e-mail within 7 days of your payment.
Hopefully everything will be all right and you'll soon be booking the flight to enjoy the Dominican Republic. Caribbean is fun, is sunshine, is beaches, is easy-going. It's worth it! (in most cases)
While this offer does not include any legal services or representation, we are closely working with on on the best legal counsels in the Dominican Republic. If you have a legal question or isssue Caribation will redirect you inquiry to the competent lawyer.

Contact Caribation now

Yes, please check this for me:

Trust, but verify!

Trust, but verify
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