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Palma Real

Dominican Republic

Location: Dominican Republic

Health, property, car insurance
for dominicans and residents

Seguros Urban, Santo Domingo

Authorisation number issued by SISALRIL: 1132111731323
Caribation Insurance Agent

1. Health Insurance (residents)
2. Health Insurance (tourists)
3. Property Insurance
4. Car Insurance

Caribation are pleased to offer indispensable protection to Dominicans and to foreign residents alike.

1. Health Insurance for Residents

Hospital bed in Dom Rep

The health insurance offered by ARS ARS Humano offers you an excellent coverage and the peace of mind, because an accident can happen any day or night.

Do not take risks!

In the case of illness or accident, if you must undergo a medical treatment or stay in a hospital... do not count on charity. Do not count on good luck. Count on yourself. And act today. It could become expensive if you won't

All insurance companies apply a waiting period between 3 and 6 months before you will be eligible for coverage (with the exception of emergencies). This is one more reason to contact us now.

FAQ #1: How much will it cost me?

Your health insurance fees will depend on:
  1. The coverage plan you choose
  2. Your age
  3. Your sex

Please submit the relevant information in the message box below.

2. Health Insurance for Tourists

Hospital bed in Dom Rep

Do not travel without insurance. Please. You might get the most expensive flu of your life! Book now our Patriot Travel Medical Insurance Plan offered by the prestigious International Medical Insurance Group (USA). It is available to non-US citizens as well.

FAQ #1: How much will it cost me?

The Patriot Travel Insurance Plan premiums will depend on:
  1. The number of days covered
  2. Deductible, chosen by you

3. Property Insurance in the Dominican Republic

House, fire, burglary insurance Obtain coverage for cases of fire, earthquake, burglary and more. The insurance ca be purchased for your residence or for business premises.

4. Car Insurance in the Dominican Republic

Car insurance in the Dom Rep (for Caribation customers only)
Generally, there are two types of car insurance known as de ley (Liability coverage, third party insurance) and FULL (Full coverage, comprehensive insurance).

Insurance inquiry form

Please fill the form below to obtain information on the insurance plans available.
Please be specific.
Write as many details as possible in the message box below. Caribation agent will call you back to complete the inquiry and to answer your questions. In most cases we'll get you an exact quote on the next business day.

We'll find the right insurance for you

Premium examples 2016, in RD$

Plan Premium p.a.
SUPERIOR $16,092.00
ROYAL $18,684.00
MAX $25,608.00
PLATINUM $64,236.00

Over 50?

On order to evaluate the risks for the health insurance it is necessary to provide the results of medical checks and analysis:


  • CBC
  • Cholesterol
  • Glycosylated hemoglobin
  • Triglycerides
  • PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen, men only)

Additional Study:

  • Electrocardiogram
  • Physical examination

You may think, you don't need health insurance in the Dom Rep

You would save about US$ 1000 per year.
And make a bad deal.

In August 2014 one (almost) customer has taken his contract home. He said, he wants to think about it.

As we called one week later, his girlfriend picked up the phone. The good guy has survived a motorcycle accident. And the surgery. And the hospital invoice? 3 800 000 RD$.

1,00 US$ = 45,00 RD$ (2016).

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