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Legal Residency in the
Dominican Republic


Temporary and permanent
Documentation required

How to become legal resident in the Dominican Republic?

New from July, 2012: You should apply for temporary or permanent residence in the Dominican consulate in your country of origin. Until now it was possible to apply in Santo Domingo: this has changed.

Caribation customers who purchase property in the Dominican Republic want to obtain a status of a legal resident in our country. The procedure is complicated and it usually takes about then one year to complete. (You certainly may continue living in the house you have purchased in the meantime). Caribation has complied here the documents required for both Temporary and Permanent Residence status:

Temporary (Provisional) Residence

Apply here:

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Address: Department of Migration (Extranjería)
Av. George Washington (Malecón, a boulevard along the sea)
Centro de los Heroes, Santo Domingo.
Tel. 809 508-2555 Ext. 246

Office hours: Monday to Friday from 8 to 3 pm
Depositing of documents closes: 2 pm

Processing time: three to six months.

The application for Temporary Residence is submitted to the Dominican Migration Department. Once granted, it will be valid for one year. It will entitle you to live and work legally in the Dominican Republic. You won't be required to purchase a tourist card to enter the country. After one year, you will renew your temporary permit for one more year, which is will be easier then the first-time application. After five years as a temporary you will be able to change your status to permanent.

Tell us your experience while applying for the residence:

Documents required to become legal resident

The following documents need to be submitted to the Department of Migration when applying for the Temporary Residence:

Application for Temporary Residence Form

The original and three copies required.

Birth Certificate


The certificate as well as all other non-spanish documents must be translated into Spanish by professional translator and legalized first in the Dominican consulate abroad and then at the Legalization Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Santo Domingo and the Attorney General’s Office.

Proof of Financial Solvency


These can include:

  • A property title, issued by the Title Registrar Office
  • emploment contract
  • certificate of deposit in a Dominican bank
  • bank account statement from a Dominican bank
  • car ownership title
All these documents need to be issued by institutions domiciled in the DR. Foreign properties or bank accounts are not considered. Required are the original and three copies of each document.



Four 2” x 2” frontal photos of the applicant’s face and two 2” x 2” profile photos.

Letter of Sponsorship

Should be signed by a Dominican citizen or a foreign legal resident in the DR. The guarantor assumes responsibility for any expenses the beneficiary may incur, including the the costs of deportation should this become necessary. Thel Letter of Sponsorship needs to be signed before a Dominican notary public and legalized by the Attorney General’s Office. An original and three photocopies are required.

Additionally, if the guarantor is not the parent or spouse of the applicant, an affidavit on the solvency of the guarantor, signed by himself and two witnesses and duly legalized by a notary public are necessary. Also required: a copy of the ID (cedula) of the Notary Public that procured the legalization of the guarantor letter and the sworn statements (affidavits).

Medical Tests


Results of a physical health examination, including a general physical, blood test (VDRL), a chest x-ray and a HIV test, all performed by a medical professional appointed by the Department of Migration. (The tests are made in the same building where you deposit the paperwork. Updated in May 2012).

Certificate of Good Conduct (no criminal record)


The certificate must be issued by the Police or Justice authority of your country of origin. Three copies and the original must be deposited. The certificate must be translated into Spanisch and legalized by a Dominican consulate abroad and then again by the Exterior Ministry in Santo Domingo.

Did you buy Real Estate through Caribation recently?

Our lawyers would be glad to assist you with obtaining the Resident Status.

The first interview is always free to Caribation customers and legal fees are low.

Please note:

This list above might probably not yet be complete in your case. Below, some other documents you might be required to present, depending on your personal circumstances

Marriage Certificate. Only necessary if both spouses are applying for the residence visa. The document needs to be translated into Spanish by a legal interpreter and legalized at the Legalization Department of the Ministry of Foreign Relations or the Attorney General’s Office. The original and three copies need to be deposited.

If the couple was married in the Dominican Republic, a copy of the marriage act needs to be legalized at the Central Electoral Board (JCE). The applicant needs to also include a photocopy of the identification card (cedula) of the Dominican spouse and if the spouse is a legal resident, a copy of the permanent residence card or cedula of the foreigner. If the applicant is a child of Dominican parents, he should include a copy of the cedula and marriage act of the parents. The marriage act needs to be legalized at the Ministry of Foreign Relations and the Attorney General’s Office.

If the person is a child of a legal resident, a copy of the Dominican permanent residence should be included, foreigner'd ID (cedula) and marriage certificate of the parents. The marriage certificate needs to be legalized at the Ministry of Foreign Relations Legalization Department or the Attorney General’s Office. If the applicant's parents were married abroad, the marriage act needs to be legalized by the Dominican consulate in the applicant's foreign jurisdiction.

Work Contract. Applies if already employed. Original and three copies.

Permanent Residence

Where to apply? In the same office where you have appplied for the temporary one:
Government Department: Department of Migration Location: Centro de los Heroes, Av. George Washington. Tel. 809 508-2555, Ext. 242, 246 Office hours: Monday to Friday 8 am to 3 pm Time for depositing documents: 8 am to 2 pm Processing time: two to three months.

At the time the Temporary Residence card expires, the applicant needs to apply for a Permanent Residence status. Permanent residence cards can then be renewed for annual or three-year periods. If five years elapse after expiry of a permanent residence card, the applicant technically loses his residency. The permanent residence card will then allow you to receive a "cedula" or Dominican ID card. It will be issued by the Junta Central Electoral office (Plaza de la Bandera).

Documents requested by the Department of Migration (please check above for detailed requirements of each document):

Permanent Residence Application Form.

Gurarantors' Statement.

Good conduct affidavit by two witnesses

Certificate of Good Conduct issued by Dominican Police.

Temporary Residence Card

Four 2” x 2” front-face and two 2” x 2” profile photos.

Medical Examination Results.

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