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Boca Chica 809-523 4626
Puerto Plata 809-586 2312
Santo Domingo 809-682 2151
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Palma Real

Hurricane (ciclon) alerts
2017 Names: Irma, Jose, Maria



Hurricane warnings for the Caribbean Islands

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Report date: Sun, 18 Feb 2018 17:37:27 GMT
Source: NHC Atlantic
More info and current maps

The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1st through November 30th.

Dear Customers (buyers and sellers),
If you don't want to drive yourself during the stormy weather our driver can pick you up at the airport. Price example SDQ Airport - Casa de Campo $150.

Hurricanes (called ciclon in Cuba) are tropical cyclones. Danger arises through very high wind speeds, waves and heavy rain falls. Hurricane season lasts from June through November. We receive this frequent question: How am I supposed to behave as a tourist when I get surprised on the island?

Three simple rules:
1. Buy water, food, batteries and stay home.
2. Prepare for much rain.
3. Follow the instructions of the Civil Protection authorities.

You will not be surprised. The arrival of a storm is widely alerted a few days in advance.

Also, renting an accommodation in a solid construction, such as this house, rather than a beach hotel will add a bit to your safety in this period.

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National flag Dominican Republic
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